Data Visualisation – intermediate

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What information does the intermediate level of the Verifier contain?

The application is designed to support the development of competencies and skills of people with a theoretical basis in modern visualization tools and methods, which are necessary to implement the proposed educational process.

What benefits will users gain from the intermediate level od the Verifier?

The intermediate level of Verifier in the Visualisation area is a presentation of the practical possibilities of using modern data visualisation tools in various areas of business process management. It includes a description of the rules and procedures that allow for the proper preparation of data for analysis and the selection of appropriate visualisation tools and methods. The application also includes a description of the process of creating and using dashboards and examples of practical use of visualisation tools, including by Austrian clusters.

The presented examples of mistakes and errors rooted in the lack of understanding data, its incorrect preparation, presentation, or intentional manipulation regarding the presentation of reality, are also a significant help in the area of practical use of visualisation in organisation processes.

What knowledge and skills can be acquired?

Acquiring competence at an intermediate level in the field of visualisation, in practical terms means, that the user has the skills necessary for understanding the structures of data bases, methods of its storage, as well as is prepared to perform simple, typical tasks in the field of data visualisation. The competences are important not only for the cluster coordinators, but also to every employee of the future, expected from whom are the skills of environment analysis, constant adapting to the changing conditions, as well as identifying and predicting the future changes.