Big Data/Data Science – intermediate

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What information does the verifier contain?

The application has been designed to support the competence and skill development of people with a background knowledge of the Big Data and Data Science use in organisations; a basic scope of knowledge is necessary to implement the proposed educational process.

What benefits derive from obtaining the intermediate level of knowledge of the visualisation verifier?

The intermediate level of the Big Data/Data Science Verifier allows for:

  • Presentation of the practical possibilities of Big Data and Data Science technology use in various areas of modern organisations’ activity.
  • Quick access to descriptions of the most popular solutions in the field of data storage and collection as well as standard procedures of processing large data sets.
  • Understanding the operation of artificial intelligence mechanisms and getting acquainted with the common methods of use of  this technology in various areas of life.
  • Obtaining ideas for future solutions, which may be implemented by clusters’ coordinators in order to improve operational activities.

What knowledge and skills can be acquired?

Obtaining competence at an intermediate level in the Big Data/Data Science area, in practical terms means, that the user recognises the types of data included in Big Data, knows the methods and tools of its analysis which are used in business processes, as well as obtains the knowledge of the possibilities deriving from the use of given data processing methods or AI technologies. These competences are important not only to the coordinators of clusters, but also to every employee of the future, expected from whom are the skills of problem solving, quick decision making based on large data sets, and effective team work with Big Data, Data Science and AI specialists.