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What information does the Intermediate level of Verifier in the area of Programming contain?

This part of the Verifier does not provide detailed guidance on coding itself, but takes a broader look at the IT project implementation process, taking into account the modern approach to business management. Programming in this view is part of the execution phase of the digitization and automation implementation process.

What benefits does it bring to the user?

Digital transformation, as it relates to administrative and business processes, should not be equated merely with the integration of digital techniques into existing IT infrastructure to eliminate specific, repetitive processes, such as paper workflows, for example. The integration of digital techniques into all areas of business operations often introduces fundamental changes in the way organizations operate and the processes of delivering value to customers. Digitization and automation processes improve an organization’s capabilities, particularly its productivity and competitiveness.

What skills will participants gain from each module?

This is the level reserved for those who are actively involved in IT projects. Their knowledge will be expanded to include the capabilities of selected business analysis methods and tools to support digital transformation processes. With knowledge at the intermediate level, you can participate in activities related to the preparation of IT projects for implementation and subsequent implementation. In particular, this includes, for example, defining requirements, pre-implementation analysis, helping users solve problems, and working together as a team with IT specialists.