Where can visualization be used?

At the basic level, knowledge and skills in visualization can (and even should) be used by all employees of the cluster coordinator’s office. This level includes knowledge of ideas and basic concepts and terms.

The acquired competencies can be used in various areas of the cluster coordinators’ offices work, including :

  1. Management processes – these include, for example, handling the day-to-day operations of the cluster, creating and owning strategic and operational documents, surveying the needs and level of satisfaction of cluster members.
  2. Cluster communication – these may include creating visuals in cluster performance reports.
  3. Market activity – this is, for example, presenting information about new grants, projects, workshops, etc. to companies – members of the cluster.
  4. Marketing activity – graphical representation of data for the media, publishing infographics on social media channels.
  5. Innovation activity – availability and use of pro-innovation services in clusters, e.g. visualizations in benchmarking reports.
  6. Digitalization of the cluster – diagnosis of the degree of digital maturity of cluster members, e.g., FPPP benchmarking study graphic report, use of management systems and technological solutions of Industry 4.0., e.g., use of management dashboards.

These areas can be looked into for inspiration for solutions that can be implemented to carry out daily work in clusters’ coordinator offices.