Sample tools

In this section will be presented examples of programs and web applications that allow you to create visualizations. They represent the whole spectrum of possibilities – from applications that allow you to create graphically interesting presentations or infographics from ready-made elements, to complex programs that combine the ability to collect and analyze Big Data with capability to visualize the results and allow the creation of manager’s dashboards.

Keep in mind that there are also many other solutions, applications and programs on the Internet – it is worth doing your own research so that you can choose the right solution for your needs.

The first type of solution includes, for example.

Prezi – a web application that allows you to create graphically interesting, animated presentations and infographics.

A sample slide from a Prezi presentation

Canva – a web application that allows the creation of a variety of infographics and graphic elements using ready-made templates.

An example of working with a template in the Canva web application

More advanced tools include:

Excel – a spreadsheet that allows you to create visualizations and analyze data. Although at a basic level it is used in most offices, it is worth familiarizing yourself with its more advanced functions.

Tableau – is a group of various programs that enable integrated data analysis and visualization. Depending on the chosen solution, Tableau can be used to act on data that is accessible to a wider audience, as well as for business analysis and visualization of private data, inaccessible to outsiders.

What is Tableau? | A Tableau Overview

Google Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) – a web application, which is part of the Google Analytics package, that enables creation of dashboards, visualizations and reports based on data from various sources, e.g. other Google services (Google Ads, etc.).

An example of the Google Looker Studio screen

Power BI – is a unified and scalable platform that provides access to self-service and business intelligence (BI) functions for enterprises, developed by Microsoft. It allows you to analyze data, create cockpits, visualizations and reports.

What is Power BI?

Qlik Sense – a comprehensive tool that enables data mining, business analysis and visualization.

Introducing Qlik Sense Business

It is worth noting that two main types of tools can be distinguished – applications that allow the creation of visualizations using ready-made templates, without performing data analysis, and comprehensive solutions that combine the capabilities of Big Data analysis and its visualization as, for example, a report or dashboard.

The examples presented above are not the only solutions for data visualization. They are only meant to be a starting point for research into the offerings available on the market in order to decide which solution will be best suited to the needs of the cluster coordinator’s office staff.