Examples of the use of visualization in the activities of the cluster coordinator’s office


Many interesting examples of visualizations can be found on the website of the Central Statistical Office – https://stat.gov.pl/en/.

An example of a dashboard is the “Economic Dashboard” – https://dashboard.stat.gov.pl/. It collects in one place a variety of economic data, such as prices, economic and consumer conditions, the labor market, REGON or COVID-19 data.

Sample screen – Economic Dashboard
Source: https://dashboard.stat.gov.pl/

Also on the CSO portal is a resource of infographics and so-called widgets on a variety of topics, such as a summary of the economic situation in a given month or infographics on specific topics such as environmental protection. The materials are available at https://stat.gov.pl/en/infographics-and-widgets/infographics/.


An example of an infographic summarizing economic prosperity in a given month
Source: Central Statistical Office. https://stat.gov.pl/infografiki-widzety/infografiki/infografika-koniunktura-gospodarcza-w-sierpniu-2022-r-,38,74.html

Another example, from the CSO website, is the portal Knowledge Databases – http://swaid.stat.gov.pl/EN/SitePages/StronaGlownaDBW.aspx. Although in this case the visualizations are not very elaborate in terms of graphics, this database contains a lot of data that can be useful in the work of clusters, e.g. expenditures on innovation activities, which are presented in the form of ready-made charts.

Sample visualization from the Knowledge Databases


Examples of the use of visualizations also include various types of reports and documents, prepared by both government or EU institutions, as well as private companies. The following will provide illustrative examples of reports from various sources that demonstrate the use of simple but effective visualizations.

The first example is the “Rapid estimate of the consumer price index in November 2022.” This is a two-page study prepared by the CSO, which presents data on a single topic in a very synthetic way over a given time range. The document is available here: https://stat.gov.pl/obszary-tematyczne/ceny-handel/wskazniki-cen/szybki-szacunek-wskaznika-cen-towarow-i-uslug-konsumpcyjnych-w-listopadzie-2022-roku,21,7.html

Another interesting example is the Atlas of Poland’s Political Geography Perspective 2022 – http://atlas2022.uw.edu.pl/

This is an extremely richly illustrated atlas prepared by the Department of Political and Historical Geography of the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies at Warsaw University. The publication contains several hundred maps, timelines, charts, etc., and can serve not only as a source of information, but also as an inspiration for your own studies.

Sample map – Women in politics
Source: http://atlas2022.uw.edu.pl/mapa-miesiaca-ue-efta-i-wielka-brytania-kobiety-w-polityce/